Identification Bureau

The Town of Poughkeepsie Identification Bureau is staffed by detectives and a civilian staff. The detectives are highly trained in crime scene processing and evidence collection. In addition, the detectives are trained areas such as fingerprint examination, DNA evidence collection, arson investigation and computer forensics. The detectives in this bureau work closely with the Crime Scene Technicians in the Patrol Division.

In addition, this bureau performs such tasks as:

  • Record keeping and maintenance of all active and closed investigations
  • Record keeping and maintenance of all warrants issued by local, county and state courts
  • Crime incident reporting
  • Maintenance of all arrest records
  • Crime Analysis

The Identification Bureau is equipped with a fully operational lab for evidence and photo processing, a large and secure evidence storage room, a fully equipped crime scene van, vehicle evidence bay, and an audio/visual identification room where surveillance video or computer videos can be enhanced, processed and secured as evidence.

The members of the Identification Bureau work closely with other law enforcement agencies in the area and the Dutchess County District Attorney’s Office.