School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is a proactive initiative based on prevention, education, and intervention where specially trained and experienced Police Officers are placed in schools on a full-time basis.

The goals of the SRO program include:

· Creating a safe school environment conducive to learning

· Promoting awareness of the law and other safety issues to foster responsible citizenship.

· Serving as a confidential advisor, a source of counseling and a link to support services

· Bridging the gap between youth and law enforcement thereby establishing a trusting channel of communication

Roles of the SRO

The roles of the SRO are defined by using a triad approach where the Officer serves the school district in the following capacities:

-Law Enforcement Officer, with the primary purpose of keeping the peace, working with the school administration to investigate violations of law that disrupt the orderly flow of the educational process, and implementing SAVE legislation.

-Law-Related Advisor, providing guidance to students, parents, teachers and staff and acting as a link to support services within and outside the school.

-Law-Related Educator, conducting presentations for students from K-12, the faculty & staff, and parents on various law, safety, and health issues.

Spackenkill High School

Contacting the School Resource Officer

The Town of Poughkeepsie School Resource Officer works in the Spackenkill Union Free School District. Providing services and support to the students, staff and community. The SRO has an office located in the high school. The SRO maintains an open-door policy where students, faculty, staff, and parents are always welcome to visit. A private, confidential appointment may also be scheduled if someone has a concern or problem.