The Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department Technology Operations is staffed by two civilian members who are responsible for the computer operations of the department.

  • maintenance/operation of all computers in the police headquarters
  • maintenance/operation of all mobile computers in police cars
  • maintenance/operation of police headquarters card access security systems
  • maintenance/operation of department phone and voicemail system
  • maintenance/operation of department radio systems
  • maintenance/operation of department records management system
  • maintenance/operation of license plate reader
  • maitenance/operation of body worn cameras

The Technology Operations Unit's most important responsibility is the maintenance and operation of the department's Computer-Aided Dispatch System. This system is the "heart" of the communications center, where massive amounts of information are received, entered, and accessed. This technology allows the dispatch staff to instantly access records, access street maps, access aerial photos of large apartment/mobile home complexes to pinpoint exact locations and communicate "off the air" with police cars via computer messaging to in-car laptops.

Technology Operations also maintains the department's Automatic Vehicle Location system, which allows GPS tracking of exactly where ALL police vehicles are located on a displayed map screen. This allows for accurate and timely responses to emergency calls.